Monday, August 9, 2010

honest mistakes

Jack wasn't completely honest when his Dad brought Grady home. But he thought it best to just give Kelsey some time. No way did she look like the type who would live in a trailer park. He told his Dad he'd move them in to the new place for good tomorrow.

"After I get off work. Promise."

Naturally, Grady was glad to see him. Jack couldn't help but smile, but the way Grady hugged him, he knew he couldn't leave him for very long.

Shortly, after his Dad left, Kelsey came out of the bedroom in what he'd found for her.

"I thought I heard voices." She hugged herself.

"I thought I told you the place was haunted." He set down a grilled cheese sandwich for her. "Just kidding." He smiled. Grady was kicking in his high chair. "It was just my Dad. He brought Grady home." Of course, Grady was making a mess with his sandwich. "Did you call home?" He sat down with a sandwich too.

She only nodded. He hoped she did.

"I wouldn't want anyone thinking I kidnapped you. Surprised they didn't bring in the police when you were at the emergency room." He told her.

He thought she might choke on the sandwich then. He got her more apple juice to drink then, wondering how honest she was with him. Perhaps she wasn't even honest with herself.


lucy and sarah said...

I liked that line about the place being haunted.

meg said...

Really like the new header and colors.

ivy's closet said...

I like his humor.

ori said...

cool new header and all.

E.L. said...

interesting situation.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

Its very sweet of Jack to help Kelsey get back on her feet. Dido to his friend Grady. However, I think Jack is busy worried of what other people will think of Kelsey than to remember his opinion.

Syed said...

Jack is such a good guy.

cass and cady said...

Jack is changing so much. I really like him.