Monday, July 12, 2010

told you so

Jack sort of expected it. He didn't want to. But somehow when someone doesn't show up by the second day they are gone, well, he began to worry. Of course, he was at Grady's home. Hadn't exactly anywhere else to go since he didn't have a job. True, he'd slept on this couch plenty, when he didn't want to go home. Perhaps looks were deceiving, or he was presenting a double life. But still Kim was gone.

He'd left her messages on her cell. Still. Nothing. Time was ticking. He was ready to call the cops. Finally, when Grady was wanting lunch, which amounted to microwaved chicken nuggets and apple sauce, Jack's cell buzzed.

"Finally."  He sighed. "Where are you?" He held in a breath then as he fumed.

"Vegas," Kim said.

"What!" Jack's eyes lit. He bit his bottom lip to keep from saying something vile. "Why! Why are you in Vegas?"

"Because." She didn't say anything for the longest time.

Jack looked at Grady who was dipping a chicken nugget in the apple sauce.

"Are you going to tell me or not? Look, I should call the cops." Jack told her. "I should have already."

"I did something stupid." She finally said.

"Like what?" He gritted.

"I-I sort of got in to trouble, and, and I'm in jail now." She said very quietly.

"What? Should a call a lawyer? What's going on?" Jack winced.

"I kind of stole some money." She finally said.

"God. Are you serious!" Jack began to pace. First of all, how could she kind of do it? He shook his head, gritting a hard squint as he walked around the kitchen.

"But its all right, you can take care Grady." She sounded like it might be a commercial for a vacation.

"You, you've lost it this time. You seriously have!" Jack told her.

"Look, I have to go. I've got the paper work all there. Ready for you. You're going to be Grady's guardian. You'll do great. I know you will." She told him.

"Kim! Kim! Listen to me!" He started, but she hung up on him.


ori said...

oh my goodness.

jeremy's turn said...

aw, poor Jack!

meg said...

i can't believe it!

Keith said...

You've got a great blog header.

izzy and dev said...

He's in a pickle now.

maxxie n tony said...

this could be lots of trouble.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

Aww poor Jack. Waits all this time for nothing.