Monday, July 5, 2010

one of those kind of days

Nick felt a bit stranded. There had been a fallen-out with Heath's sister and their Dad. Heath had gone to see if he could patch things up, or perhaps to find Amber.

Nick had wanted to go, but Heath said it might be better if he went to talk to his Dad, alone. As it was it was just he and Rex, who had made several attempts to do something with Kelsey, but that hadn't quite happened, either. So it was pretty nice when Jack showed up with Grady.

"What have you guys been doing?" Nick was trying his best to find something kid friendly for Grady, but he didn't have anything for him other than some apple juice.

"Trying to have a good day." Jack sounded like someone had ripped whatever heart he had and left him in a very sad way.

"What's wrong?" Nick asked.

Jack just looked at him. "We went to the dog parade, you should have brought Doc. It would have been fun."

Naturally, Grady gave Doc a tight hug which gave the dog a yelp, but he licked the boy all over his face, and Grady laughed.

"See, they've both been wanting to do that all day." Jack shrugged and wanted to know what was up with Heath and his parents. Nick went ahead and told him that Amber took off in her car.

"Well, hope she wasn't driving fast. Maybe she should have, because the cops would have caught her by now." He went out back to see the charcoals ready to grill. "You guys haven't even started up the fire." Jack shouted to Nick who was still in the kitchen watching Grady and the dog.

"What's the point." Nick didn't care if they grilled anything of not.

"Come on, daylights burning. Lets get this show on the road." Jack started up the fire then. "You got any steaks? Ribs would take forever, but a good steak. Now we're talking."

Nick got out what he had from the fridge. There were four.

Jack opened a beer then. Nick looked at him. Was that why he came? So he could drink while Nick watched the kid.

Jack poured the beer on the steak.

Nick just smiled. Really, Jack surprised him, a lot.


ivy said...

I like Jack.

ori said...

me, too. it made me smile.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

Jack is pretty surprising.