Friday, July 23, 2010

airing it out

Jack knew his Dad hated where Grady lived. But he wanted to keep things as normal as possible for him. Yet, he felt compromise was the only way he could see this through.

Yeah, he had the job now. His dad had  property over in Iowa. And his Dad had furnished him a brand new trailer to live in. Of course, it was on the backroads. Not that far from where Heath and Nick lived. But they weren't neighbors, either.

Actually, he couldn't remember the last time he'd been out this way. But his Dad had kept Grady to let him have a good look at the new place. Eventually, his father wanted Jack to build his own house. As if it could possibly be an old homestead some day, out in the sticks. He wasn't sure he could dream a little dream because usually, he'd make his Dad mad, somewhere down the line, and he'd be to his own devices once again.

But here it was. A home bigger than where Grady lived. It was so handy and a sweet kitchen with so many cool things. A dishwasher. A stacked washer and dryer. Swell things of home, and it was theirs. Yeah, it gave him something to smile about. He was in the country now. All by his lonesome.

He walked around the house that still needed to breathe. No way could he bring a toddler out here, yet. Even then, he had a slight worry of wondering what Grady would think. Would he be scared? Would he try to get away from him? He opened the windows and let the air in. He tried not to think of anything bad, but instead how his Dad had put his touch on everything.

Jack almost laughed. If there was anything gay about anyone, it would have to be his Dad. Yet, he wasn't. He really wasn't, for real. Just in decorating, and enjoying the theater. He was always in the local musicals. A big romantic with his Mom. Always taking her on a cruise when he had a chance. Yes, he was a lover of sorts and when she left, well, he just didn't know why. Jack had stopped thinking about that too. He hadn't really thought of her until now. Wondering how she was doing with her art in New Mexico. Not that he would call her. He was still mad at her. There was no choice but to give her the silent treatment.

Still he felt so alone. Kind of sad. But thats just the way it was. Wasn't he used to this yet?

He got out of the trailer soon enough. He would just have to let it air out. He had to enjoy this bit of freedom while he could because chances were he was all Grady had and well, he needed to think on this a little longer. It was like trying on a new pair of shoes. He had to get used to this father thing. Grady depended on him now. He needed to get Grady's room ready.


ivy said...

I'm falling in love with Jack.

ori said...

I love Jack too.

lucy and sarah said...

I think he's turning out wise.

Laura Tenshi said...

Jack looks mighty fine in the picture, reminds me of Ryan Philippe.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

Jack is becoming wiser