Monday, June 7, 2010

tell it like it is

Nick didn't understand this. Amber was sold on the idea of them adopting Kelsey's baby. Why wasn't Heath?

Nick was alone with his Mom now at the hospital. She had tried to talk to Kelsey, but Kelsey wouldn't say much to her. His Mom was also worried about him and Heath as well.

"Really, you two have to talk about this more. There needs a lot of talking, in fact." Nick's Mom told him. She was talking about Rex. "He's a big part of this. And I have a feeling he'll want to keep the baby, one way or another."

"All right." Nick looked at her as if he'd already done his part. He was there for Kelsey.

"Will you talk to Rex?" She asked.


"Well, he might listen more to you than to me or even your father." She felt sure of it.

"Rex, doesn't listen to anybody." Nick winced. "Mom, you know I have like a hundred things going right now, as it is. I have to be ready when the library opens. And Heath and I don't have any furniture."

"You two go down to the furniture mart, pick you out a livingroom suit. It'll be our house warming present for you. And you can make do with the old table and chairs down in our basement. I'm sure you both could paint it black and it would be perfect." She informed him.

"I guess this means I still have to talk to Rex?"

"He might need to come and stay with you for a little while. It could take a bit, to work on him. He's not one to make up his mind very fast when he needs to and when he shouldn't, well, he's usually decided before it was ever suppose to happen." His mom sighed then.

Just one more thing he was sure Heath didn't want to hear about.


ori said...

Yeah, Rex needs to be the one to decide on everything.

so jade said...

Nick having Rex around..oh no!!!

lucy and sarah said...

He had to know it would come down to Rex..somewhere in this.

simon and josh said...

more family stuff.