Sunday, June 13, 2010

summer lov'n

The puppy was cute enough. Nick was falling in love with him. Of course, he was put off having to deal with his brother. As it was, they had found loads for the house. His Mom and Dad had helped too. Heath and Nick had gone to the five mile garage sale in a little town not far from where they lived. They'd found all sorts of goodies. Art. Linens. Curtains. A chair that Heath just had to have.

"See." Nick was all grins. "Its just us. OK. And we're good." It felt that way to him. It was like a long awaited honeymoon, the last few weeks. And there was Doc who was sort of understanding the word NO. The potty training wasn't too bad. At least there were no rugs to worry about. And usually, they'd catch him in time to get him out in the back yard. They both took him for walks. It was great to walk around town and find the local diner. It was a bit posh for their taste, but they catered to those who came to the quaint little shops. They'd discovered an old bookstore and a craft store for those who sold their crafts. Which meant they bought local honey and jams and other farmer's market things in the back lot near the consignment shops.

"Yeah, I don't miss teaching at all." Heath looked relaxed. He didn't even look worried about the acting workshop he was putting together for the summer reading program.

Naturally, Heath couldn't be happier about the programs at the library. It was all so what Nick remembered from growing up. Kids were showing up. They'd gotten the local children's librarian from the school to help with the children's part. There was really a need for all of this. Maybe Jack's Dad didn't want to do it, but at least there were those who did want to see smiling faces and a crowd at the library. So what if it wasn't dead at the library anymore. There were mothers meeting for playdates. Teenagers chatting about graphic novels and perhaps a love connection here and there. Nick was so glad summer had arrived. It was just this thing with Rex had been long and drawn out.

First he wasn't going to talk to Heath about Kelsey. Next thing he knew Rex kept calling him for support. Nick didn't know what Rex really wanted from him, but he'd promised Heath that he'd stay out of it. This summer belonged to them.


lucy and sarah said...

Its hard to stay out of family problems..but I'm glad they are having some fun.

natalie said...

Of course it's impossible not to fall in love with a puppy, haha :) I hope he can work everything with everyone out.

he and him said...

nick is really getting mixed up with Rex & Kelsey

so jade said...

Things are looking so good.