Monday, June 21, 2010

not exactly a playdate

He had to be the last babysitter she could find. Yeap, Jack knew it when Grady went for cereal display and knocked a few boxes down. Whatever was he thinking, bringing a three year old to the grocery store. Well, Jack's dad had given him a list, and he had no choice in the matter.

He grabbed Grady and picked him up. Thankfully, he didn't make one of his hateful scenes that he'd seen him pull on his mother, Kim. He straightened up right away. It baffled Jack even more. He turned then to see Nick standing there with someone. They both seemed to be amused at the state he was in with a toddler who thought he was going on a teenager.

"Hey, where's Heath?" Jack hoped nothing was wrong. It just seemed weird seeing Nick with someone who wasn't Heath.

"This is my brother, Rex." Nick told him.

Jack just nodded and shook his hand.

"You never said anything about having kids, Jack?" Nick grinned.

"Oh,, he's someone I know, who couldn't find a babysitter, the last minute." Naturally, Grady wanted down then. Next he knew the redhead was climbing up his legs to try to turn a flip.

"We just went to Amber's graduation." Nick shrugged.

"Yeah, I totally forget when those are anymore." Jack's smile faded a little. This was what it had came to over the years. Getting to baby-sit someone's brat while they went to graduation parties. But he looked at Grady, they were going to have a fine old time. "Well, I got some Thomas the Train DVDs to take home from the library. So all will be well, shortly." Jack sighed at that. Now if he could only get to the list. If he could bring half the stuff home his Dad wanted, he'd be doing good.

"Well, uh, I guess you wouldn't know anything going on around here that uh..well, maybe you could show Rex around, sometime, you know." Nick suggested.

Jack's lips curved up. What the hell was Nick getting at? Him showing Rex around. What was he? A real professional babysitter?


ori said...

I am so falling for Jack now..even if did come off as a bully to begin with.

Benazir said...

I haven't read your blog in so long :( I'm sorry. I'll make sure I have a big catch up this evening! :D

lucy and sarah said...

I like Jack more and more.

axel said...

poor Jack. He just might be better than we thought.

natalie said...

Yeah, I'm starting to like Jack now that we're getting to know him better!