Tuesday, June 29, 2010

getting your game on

"OH, MY GOD." The words seemed to stand on their own. Rex was losing his patience. Honestly, why couldn't he have gotten the Zoloft refill when he wanted? He guessed that's what happened when the insurance ran out.

Yeah, he was about to lose control. Now, his brother thought he was gambling online. He wanted to cuss like a sailor and tell Nick he was a lame excuse for a brother. Before he knew it, he'd fling the front screen shut and was on his way, somewhere. He didn't know where but it wouldn't be here. He walked up the street almost in a race. It took him downtown which felt like uptown to him. Rows of red brick and old buildings that smelled of a remnants past. This was not a town with much life, but just a few blocks away was the billiard place. He went in to get a beer. He heard the pool balls click. It was then  he noticed that guy  Nick had introduced him to, but that was over in Nebraska where Nick worked. What was he doing in Iowa?

Jack was playing pool and winning. Jack was taking some old timers to the cleaners from what Rex could tell. He sat back on the bar stool and watched. This guy was one cool operator, yet friendly. Like he might be given someone a lesson instead, but in the end, he took the money. He gave back a twenty. "You guys have a drink on me."

Finally, after the game, Rex went over with his bottle of beer. "So is this what you do for a living?" Rex asked.

"Yeah, its a real career." Jack just sighed. "What are you doing here?"

"I just live down the street, you know, what are you doing here?" Rex wanted to know.

"So are you are living with your brother?" Jack simply changed the subject.

"Temporarily." Rex nodded.

"So you got plans, huh?" Jack went to put the balls in the rack ready to play.

"Not exactly." Rex sipped his beer.

"Hope you don't wear out your welcome." Jack gave him a sly look.

"Well, that's already happened." Rex told him.

"So soon?" Jack let Rex go first. He didn't even have a pool stick. Jack got him one.

"Well, Nick's so called wife, hates me." Rex informed him.

Jack just laughed. "How do you know he's the wife?"

"I just do." Rex didn't want to dwell on that as he made a shot. It was a relief  he could finally do something right. Make the balls go where he wanted them to go.


lucy and sarah said...

I loved what Jack said about Heath.

so jade said...


I love Jack.

natalie said...

Of course he would be the wife out of them! Hahah... I like their conversation.