Thursday, June 3, 2010

everyone needs one

Heath decided to stay behind at the house. He'd really wanted a dog. A blonde lab. Actually. Her name was Scarlet and she wasn't a puppy, but rather seasoned and perhaps she would train Heath instead of the other way around.

But last minute, they didn't get her. Nick and Amber were off at the hospital with Kelsey about the baby. Again.

Heath didn't know what to think. He just wanted Nick to stop acting as if he could take care of the world when actually he couldn't. Heath didn't mean to be angry about it, but the more he thought about the situation, he was.

This was just too soon. He wanted to get to know his house before someone else did. Besides, it was kind of empty. Still cold ,even if it were all muggy about. All he could do was move in his boxes of stuff. If only he'd brought his desk and what he had from Alliance. It would have been something.

And now he was alone. Instanly sad. He wanted this to be the happiest time of his life. As it was, he hadn't spent as much time at home with his Mom and Dad. Besides, they were busy getting ready for Amber's graduation party. It seemed so much was happening so fast, and yet the place was so empty. He was lucky the power was on and so was the water.

He walked from one blank room to another. It was startling. This was suppose to be his and Nick's place and he wasn't here.

Just then he heard a cardoor slam shut. He hadn't thought anyone would be here just yet. It was quiet then. Perhaps someone across the way or down the street. Heath stood there in his kakis and barefooted. He hadn't even put a shirt on. As it was it was clouding up, but he hadn't turned on the radio. Could be bad weather, for all he knew.

A knock came to the door. Suddenly, Heath felt he wasn't on top of anything today. He reached for a shirt in the kitchen, but all it was was an old white undershirt tank. Still he felt a bit under-dressed, but he went to the door and behind the screen. ..there he was. Jack.

Heath choked on a breath almost as he stood there looking at him. Jack had something with him. A puppy. A black lab.

"I hear you've been looking for one of these." Jack grinned handing over the puppy to Heath.

"Well-" he didn't know how to break it to him that he wanted a dog already trained. Not something he was going to have to train. "Uh, where did you find him?"

"I got him for free. Some neighbor of my Dad's had a huge litter, and they were all blonde but this guy. She's charging a heafty sum for the blonde one, but this one, she said I could have him. Said he was a runt."

Heath just nodded as he held the puppy, all cuddly and enjoying being held.

"I see." Heath tried to smile. Jack was the last person he wanted to talk too. It had been ages, but he looked the same, yet he wasn't like Heath remembered. "You have time for some coffee?" Heath supposed it was the least he could do. After all, Jack had brought him a dog.