Thursday, June 17, 2010

borrowing time

Well, Doc must have known something was up. He wet on the livingroom floor when Rex showed up.

"NO. Oh, no!" Heath was wanting to pick a few foul words, but he just looked at Rex wondering what in the hell he was doing here.

"I can't stay with Mom and Dad." Rex. explained.

"What?" Heath didn't understand. "What do you mean?" Didn't he know none of this Kelsey drama of her having his baby... he'd gotten into, wouldn't be easy? Heath went to clean up the puppy's mess. He had a feeling Doc didn't like Rex anymore than he did. "You know, Nick isn't here." Heath put the mess in the trash, and washed his hands.

"Yeah, well, I just took a drive, guys really have a nice place." Rex looked around.

Heath nodded, but didn't want to share this place with anyone but Nick. They hadn't even had a dinner party yet. Could they at least do that, without him?

"Look, if I could just, you know, have a vacation from Mom and Dad. That's all I need. Honestly." Rex begged.

"Christ! How long?" Heath scowled. They did have a life. They'd planned on going to an outdoor concert in Council Bluff. He still had to get his actor's work shop together for his library gig.

"I dunno. Until I can get this situated about everything. I need a job." Rex told him.

"Like, you could find one here." Heath rolled his eyes. "You can't stay here forever."

He hoped Nick wouldn't mind that he told Rex this. Honestly, his home was his castle. Why did he have to live with people he couldn't stand?


izzy and dev said...

I hope Heath won't let Rex get the best of him.

lucy and sarah said...

Heath has to watch his temper.

Holly said...

Heath has to be careful..Rex is family now.

natalie said...

They seem to be butting heads already! Let's hope they can work things out alright.

fan fic said...

Heath may have to be nice.