Monday, May 10, 2010

thinking about it

Nick wished they were back at that house. It was really like a honeymoon. He missed Heath even more now. Naturally, he sent his Mom pictures of the place. He couldn't quite be sure if loved it or just being with Heath there.

He missed him so much now. He hated to see him go. It was almost heartbreaking. He wanted Heath with him now. It would only be a few weeks before Heath would be back. Nick could hardly stand the antisapation.

"I do like it." She told him.

"Yeah, I wish we could afford it." Nick was pretty down about the fact. It was perfect. Three bedroom. A big back yard. A nice new developement.

"Maybe they have a smaller unit you could think about." She was on the phone with him during a break at work.

"That's just it Mom, we'll need the room some day. We will." Nick told her.

"For what?" His mom wanted to know.

"We want a family, too." He told her.

"Oh, well, you're young. You're very young Nick." She told him.

Nick rolled his eyes and didn't want to listen to her lecture. Just what he needed to get him back on schedule. She told him he had at least a good ten years before thinking about having kids.


meg said...

aw, moms are like that. love the header. Sweet.

simon and josh said...

she does have a point. he is sooo young.

natalie said...

I really like the new header :D

And haha I guess I can see where his mom's coming from, but yeah.