Sunday, May 16, 2010

over the horizon

Nick was telling Heath how they were going to close the library for a few weeks to get everything done. He was so excited about books for the young adult program. It seemed there would be a new staff. Heath found himself dreaming about it.

He thought of his sister then and called her when he woke up at 10 that evening.

"So did you apply for a shelving position at the library?" He wanted to know.

"What?" She sound off gaurd. Of course, she was probably getting ready for bed. She sounded as if she was brushing her teeth.

"You know, a job. At the library?"

"No, I don't want to. I'm graduating and all and I want to have a fun summer before I start college." She told him.

"Yeah, I know." But he was thinking how bad the economy was. This didn't sound like her. She worked at the school library. She would be perfect. Heath told her he was sick then.

"You do sound sick." She assured him.

"So how are you and Kyle?" He wanted to know.

"Never better." She made sound like a candy bar.

"Good." He felt bad they hadn't talked more. He told them about a search for a house. "If we get one, maybe you could come and visit."

"You mean, you don't want me to live with you?" She teased.

"That's not the plan." He sniffed and hacked a cough.

"I hope not." She sounded so sure of herself as if she had a plan for every move she made. He wasn't sure he liked this snooty graduate she was becoming. He would hate for her to be surprised how real life was. Sometimes, he thought, cannon balls came out of no where. He hope she'd be ready for those unexpected emergencies.


he and him said...

definitely sounds like a senior to me.

Holly said...

sisters are like that.

meg said...

Well..they are on different pages of their lives.

fan fic said...

He's a big brother, after all.