Tuesday, May 18, 2010

just work

Nick remained upbeat. Yet he felt just the opposite. All this culling books was getting to him. The library was closed to the public, but he was still at work. More so than his days before. These were back breaking days. And he only had Jack to help him. Who was doing his best to go through every old book. They dusted along the way.

"So whens he coming back?" Jack looked at Nick.


Jack looked away as if Nick was supposed to know.

"End of the month." Nick shrugged.

"And then what?" Jack looked back at Nick as he wiped down a shelf.

"Hopefully, we'll find us a place in Iowa." That's when he told Jack that he'd married Heath. It wasn't like they'd put an announcement in the paper. It was a small town. It was so different here than back home. Sort of. Well, they hadn't put in an announcement in Nick's hometown paper either, but in the city paper, they had. His mother did that to show some support which Nick was thankful for. A part of him wished they'd made a big deal about this. Yet, he was glad they'd kept it quiet too.

"So will I get to-" Jack hesitated.

"You want to see Heath?" Nick winced.

"Maybe." Jack shrugged.

Nick wasn't even sure he wanted to tell Heath about this.


Jeremy's turn said...

I can't believe Jack asked him that.

he & him said...

What would you say to something like that?

meg said...

I'm kind of shocked by what Jack said.

natalie said...

yeah, I can see how he would kind of wish it was made a bigger deal of, but yet not at the same time. Cause I mean, marriage is such an important event in peoples lives, but at the same time, the whole world doesn't need to know for obvious reasons