Monday, May 24, 2010

just a feeling

The real estate lady called again.

Jack was there when Nick got the call.

"You have to come look at this. I think it'll be perfect." She told him.

"Um, I don't know if we really want an old house, you know." Nick sighed then.

"Well, its from the 70's, its not as old as some as you looked at. Its got a lot of new stuff in it. New washer and dryer. New appliances." Nick liked the sound of that.

"It has to be today?" Nick winced.

"Could you?" The lady seemed as if she wanted him to have first dibs. Of course, with this housing market what was the hurry? "You could rent it. Its a rent to own."

"Really?" Nick liked that idea, too. "OK, I can look. We really do need a place."

Nick grinned when he got off the phone.

"Whats so funny?" Jack almost smiled too.

"I dunno. I just hope its the one." Nick had a feeling it could be, and he hadn't even seen it yet.


he and him said...

Jack is still there..hmmmmm....

the oaks said...

Interesting about Jack..around.

meg said...

Jack. I dunno. & what would Heath think?

axel said...

how exciting!

natalie said...

I guess we'll see if it really is the one! Wow, this seems to be happening so fast!

fan fic said...

cool. I hope.