Sunday, May 30, 2010

getting there

"You're not mad are you?" Nick was driving Heath to the new place. They were suppose to be at Heath's parents. His sister would be graduating high school soon. Still Heath liked the idea of being alone with Nick.

"No, of course not." Heath didn't want it to start that way.

"It-it just came up. And you know, its ours. I did a few calls. And, well, we have a bed at least." Nick smiled.

"A bed. Well, that's a start." It seemed like such a long drive to get across the bridge, past the corn fields into a thicket of what resided was a little metropolis of bakeries and Mom and Pop places. This was where there home would be. Past the old historical houses downtown, yet not too far off the beaten track. There it was. A little house not quite on the prairie.

Heath took a deep breath. He smiled. Actually, he couldn't believe it. Nick had found them a place they could call home. And there was a big back yard. Of course, he didn't find it until after walking through the empty rooms of hard wood. Perhaps, it was nothing fancy but it was home. A home they could make their own.

"And I thought we could go to the animal shelter tomorrow, if you want." Nick remembered.

Heath smiled more. But the place was empty. Except for the bed. It was just a bed. A bare bed. Queen sized and not made up for anyone.

"Don't worry, I got sheets." Nick told him. He went to the little room by the kitchen. Heath followed. Well, he was sold right then on the fancy washer and dryer. It was the expensive kind that supposedly you'd save money with. Standing tall, the front loading kind.

"Wow." Heath had never seen anything like these, except in commercials.

"Yeah, I was kind of shocked. My Mom doesn't have a washer and dryer this amazing." Nick grinned pulling out the pretty paisley sheets.

Heath helped him put the covers on. He was still in shock that it was happening so fast. He was so happy.

"You did good." Heath nodded with a smile.

"Well, I had some help. Jack seemed to think it would be perfect for us." Nick finally said.

"Jack?" Heath winced then. "When have you been talking to Jack?" Suddenly, none of this set well with Heath.


ivy's closet said...

Things were looking so bright..until Jack, came up.

so jade said...

Jack would be around in all this.

meg said...

Oh, that Jack. Hope he doesn't make things difficult for them.