Sunday, May 2, 2010

catching up

Nick was happy to see Heath. It was good to have him all to himself. Not think about work. Finally.

"So?" Nick grinned all over thinking they should be out looking at houses, but they could do that tomorrow. They'd have all day to do that tomorrow. Nick took Heath's hands. It was good to just sense the weight of them in his hands. He loved Heath's fingers. He thought they were the hands of a musician. He'd brought along an old guitar he'd found under Heath's bed. Maybe he'd be happy about that. He hoped. "Everything go OK?"

"Yeah, I think so." Heath was careful to smile. He was quiet as they sat down on the bed together. "They placed third. But it was great. I saw Father Keegan, too." He sighed then.

"Really." Nick kept his eyes on Heath.

"Yeah, I think he knows. Only he won't say he really does. Exactly. Its like, he gets it, you know, starting a family and that. He just leaves it at that. Its like that's the importance to him." Heath told him. "You know kind of like that policy, Don't ask don't tell."

Nick nodded.

"And..and he's gonna talk to the Archdiocese for me in Lincoln. Which might mean calling the Archdiocese in Iowa. God, he thinks he can place me somewhere close. So, you know, we can find that place you want." Heath smiled then.

"Really? I-can't believe it!" And Nick couldn't. "He must really love you or is very impressed with you as a teacher."

"Who knows." Heath shook his head.

"This is great. This is just what we wanted, you know." Nick put his arm around Heath. "This calls for a celebration." Heath's mom had sent some sparkling wine. Just maybe it was time to break it out. But first, a make-out session, at least should come first.

Nick could hardly wait for Heath to get out of school now. He kissed him then as if they had a lot to catch up on.


degrassi after hours said...

things are looking up.

meg said...

looks like good times!

simon n josh said...

cool, the have some down time.

natalie said...

Aww, I'm glad they're able to spend some quality time together hehe. Things seem to be going well!