Wednesday, May 12, 2010

catching something

Heath woke up with a headache and his throat hurt. Just what he needed for his last few weeks at school.

"It must be a cold." He told Maria.

"Or allergies." She shrugged.

He hadn't thought of that. He was doing his best to nurse this sore throat and his icky eyes as he got ready for class.

Ugh, what if he was too allergic to live where Nick wanted to live? Could that be possible? Well, he felt miserable at the moment. Nick would have gone out of his way to baby him, he was sure of it. The guy had more cold meds than anyone one he knew. Heath had wondered at one time if Nick might be addicted to that kind of stuff.

He shook that thought. He had to look forward to getting moved back. What would he do with the furniture here? So much to worry about. He really didn't want to haul it all back across the state.

This was getting more than he could  handle. Especially, if he had to move the way he felt at the moment.

He felt so tired. He hoped he managed through the day.


so jade said...

hope he's ok.

cait said...

I so love that picture of Dylan Patton! Yeah, I've been sick with allergies too.

meg said...

I think I know how he feels I have the sniffles too.

axel said...

I do so love that pic of you know who..

degrassi after hours said...

Oh, you'd have to get sick.