Tuesday, May 4, 2010

building a home

What had gotten into Nick on this house hunt? Heath swore he didn't even know this guy.

"You know, these are really old houses." Heath informed him. "They'll need a lot of work."

"Well, yeah." Nick climbed the stairs to yet another old Victorian style house close to main street. "Its an old town, we have to preserve it."

"Oh really." Heath wasn't sure he was up to preservation. "I don't want to live in  a museum."

Nick looked back at him and laughed. He went ahead though and opened the master bedroom door. "Just look at this old bay window. Its amazing." Yeap, there it was, but Heath wasn't seeing the amazement of it. He'd grown up in a farm house. It might as well have been Farmer Boy's house and remembered how Laura Ingalls Wilder had talked about how cold her husband's house was where he grew up. Not exactly the storybook house he wanted.

"Where's the bathroom? The master suit should have a bathroom. A big bathroom. For the two of us." All he found was a narrow closet for standards in the 30's, perhaps.

"We could renovate. Did you see the size of that dining room? Just think of the dinners we could have." Nick and his enthusiasm bit at Heath like an unpleasant warning.

"What do you have in mind? Its just gonna be you and me." Heath looked at him, stunned.

"Yeah, and your folks. Mine. And, and what about our friends. You know, they could spend weekends out here. Olivia and Ravi. My brother."

"Are you even talking to your brother these days?" Heath winced.


"Its just risky." Heath told him. "We need to keep looking."

"OK, of course. We'll find the perfect house. We will." He held Heath's hand then. But he expected the real estate lady would be there any moment. He wasn't so sure if they should be so loving at the moment. But before he knew it, Nick was dragging him by the belt loop to look at the next room.

"Wouldn't it be great to design our own bathroom." Nick sighed.

"Are you saying we'd have to build it, ourselves?" Heath knew a little bet about being a carpenter. But he was no plumber.

"Absolutely." Nick put his arm around Heath's waist. "We can do this. We can."

Heath wanted to laugh, but he knew Nick was serious.


meg said...

Hopefully, this won't be a major problem for them.

izzy and dev said...

This is interesting to see their take on where to live.

simon n josh said...

wow, this will be interesting.