Friday, April 2, 2010

who's big idea

Nick wasn't sure he was going to make it through the next day. Part of it was emotional. A lot of it was lack of sleep, but he was determined to be there at work.

"Did you miss me?" Nick felt like an idiot asking his boss this after he said it.

"Well, we did have a few asking about you." He gave him a silly grin.

"Really?" Nick winced. He didn't believe him. No one ever came here but Jack.

"It seems you have a fan club." He handed over a check to Nick.

"What?" Nick took a serious look at the check. It was for 10  thousand dollars.

"You wrote someone about our library, didn't you?" His boss asked.

"Maybe." Nick didn't remember mailing it though. He'd thought about it. Had the address to write  the state library foundation about their library problem for young people.

"Well, it is in your name."

Nick nodded. There his name was on the check.

"So do you have any ideas?"

"I think so." He knew so many titles the library needed here for a young adult area.

"Well, you better get to work." His boss looked back at him.

Nick grinned. Suddenly, he was awake. He was calling the young adult librarian back home. He definitely needed help.


meg said...

wow..he's gotta be happy about that.

lily said...

amazing funds.