Sunday, April 4, 2010

while you were gone

This was a shock.

Heath didn't know what to say when he heard the news that morning that Father Keegan was in the hospital.

"Well, you would have known if you hadn't gone off on Spring break." The school secretary told him.

Heath gave her a serious nod, but he wouldn't feel awful about it. He just couldn't.

"Is he OK?" Heath wanted to know.

"Heart problems." It was serious. Heath hurried to his room wondering if them winning the competion had anything to do with it. He asked some of the kids in show choir as if they were old friends if they knew anything about Father Keegan.

Naturally, they acted as if they didn't even know.

Heath felt a little guilty that he hadn't checked one message while he was gone. Maria had called him several times.

"Why didn't you call me?" Maria asked him during lunch.

"I dunno. Family stuff, you know." That wasn't exactly a lie. But he was full of guilt, he supposed. "Did you go see him."

"He didn't want me." She winced as they got plates of corn beef soup that was still left over from the St. Patrick's day festival. "He wanted you."

"Me?" Heath squinted hard. What was she going on about?

"I'm just a girl, you know. I am so far beneath him." She shrugged.

"But you are one of our best teachers here." Heath told her.

"Not according to him. You, are his golden boy." She looked up at him as they went to the teacher's table.

Heath shook his head, no. That was so not true. He did not want to believe that.


natalie said...

Oh no! That's certainly not a very good thing for Heath to first return to :/ I hope Father Keegan can pull through.

fan fic said...

That would be a shocker.

lily said...

I do feel bad for him. So so sad about Father Keegan.

the oaks said...

This does complicat things.

simon and josh said...

Thats a lot to mull over.

Melissa said...

Aw, I think I am going to have to start reading from the beginning! Haha, this seems like a great story!

xx, Melissa