Tuesday, April 6, 2010

thems the breaks

"Are you kidding me?" Nick heard laughter in Heath's voice. "How did you do that?"

"Well, I found some information through the library commission and went from there. Wrote this letter, that I did not mail, but your sister mailed it for me..and well, the rest is history." Nick told him. Now he was seeing about getting a big screen TV through some cooperation with the help of the librarian from his home town. Also, it looked like the project could get him a college credit at the university too. Of course, that would mean a thesis along with a budget.

"I can't believe this." Heath sighed. "You're going to be so busy."

"Well, it'll keep me out of trouble, won't it?" Nick guessed. Still there was a lump in his throat. He hated being this far away from Heath. "How are you?"

"Stressed," Heath said. "Father Keegan's in the hospital."

"Really?" Nick squinted as he went to the fridge to see what leftovers there were to eat. "Is it really bad?"

"Dunno." Heath sounded as if he didn't want to speak of it. "Anyway, I have more to over see here while we're waiting for the sub to come in. Somebody out of Lincoln."

"So what do you have to do?" Nick wondered.

"Talk to people. Tell them everything is OK. Thank God, I did not have to do mass this morning." Heath sounded tired.

"Are you eating?"

"I guess so." Heath yawned.

"Like what?"

"Coffee, of course."

"Heath, you're not smoking again. Are you?" Nick knew he could live on coffee in cigarettes.



"I'm going to eat when I get off the phone here, OK." He sounded a little tense then.

"Remember, just 2 months of school." Nick smiled when he said it.

"You think you'll be done with this library project of yours by then?" Heath wanted to know.

"Guess so." Nick acted as if it were a piece of cake.

"If only you were me and I were you."

"What's that suppose to mean, you're there, I'm here. Still would be a problem." Nick sighed.

"Don't keep reminding me." With that they called it a night. He wanted to call him later, but he knew Heath needed some sleep.


ivy's closet said...

well, Nick has to keep Heath in line and healthy!

meg said...

so stressed!

anna and jeremy said...

Poor Heath. Lucky Nick!

natalie said...

Gosh, Heath really does sound like he's dealing with a lot. It's good he has Nick there for him!