Monday, April 26, 2010

such madness

"You know, I didn't mean to start without you, or anything." Nick sounded as if he knew Heath had to be angry with him over looking for a house. "I'm just looking. That's all."

"Yes, I know." Heath sighed.  It seemed everything was going perfect for Nick at the moment. He was happy for him. He wouldn't say he envied him. He just wished he was there.

"You know, I want us to make decisions together." Nick reminded him. They were on the phone. Nick just wished he was home, and they could find a new home.

"Yes, of course." Heath was packing already. He was going to leave. He was. Even if he hadn't talked to Father Keegan who was home now, but somehow shelter so that Heath couldn't even get a hold of him. "I have to get ready for a meet, but its not so far away. Actually, closer to you. I thought I might, you know, come home afterwards."

"Really?" He could hear the thrill in Nick's voice.

"You'd have some time for me." Heath smiled.

"Of course, I'd find time. All right. Why didn't you tell me?" Nick sighed as if he were already giddy.

"I am. Now." Heath smiled. "I don't care what happens here. I really don't. It can all fall apart."

"But you want the show choir to win, don't you?" Nick reminded him.

"Yes. Of course." Heath still wanted them to do well. It was their last meet. It would be done with soon enough and they could all have summer to look forward too.

"Well, can't wait to see you." Nick wanted it to be just the two of them with some time to themselves. "Maybe we'll even look for houses. Together."

"All right." Heath liked the plan. How in the world would he ever get into this mess he'd gotten into. Teaching school.


ivy's closet said...

thats something to look forward too.

meg said...

sweet they can hook up.

natalie said...

Oh wow, this should be interesting!

axel said...

Hope it works out.