Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a lonely planet

Heath never could take a good picture for the life of him, thought Jack. Of course, he didn't have any of him. He wished he did. He wanted at least something that said they'd been together. Naturally, he went out of his way to make sure no one ever knew their connection. A high school star quarterback couldn't have that.

Yes, high school was the lime life. Since then, he'd crashed and burned. Managed one semester of college just to find out he couldn't cut it with the big boys. Got on probation and the rest was history. His sorry ass went into manual labor, after that. And he hadn't exactly held down a job.

Honestly, he couldn't figure out what to do with himself. Even now. A freeloader, for the most part. But high school. Those were the days. And of course, it had only been a few years ago. Only it felt more like a decade had gone by. And Jack was getting depressed.

He'd tried. He had. He was even engaged for a time. But he just couldn't go through with it in the end. He didn't make on the church on time and well, it was low blow. No one really looked at him the same after that.

Now, he wished he'd treated Heath better. But he was sure he couldn't have. Just wasn't in his blood. If anyone could hurt the one he loved the most, it was him. Not that he ever told Heath he loved him. He didn't.

Maybe he didn't know how.

Would it be off, to ask how he was? What became of him? Did Heath ever ask about him anymore?

Of course, he knew Heath wouldn't ask about him. That wasn't going to happen. He'd beat the shit out of Heath, plenty. And that's probably all he remembered. And now, Heath had this Nick. How in the hell did that happened? The two of them were gonna make it in this world?

He's heard how Heath had been that Drama professor's boytoy. And Jack just shrugged it off as knowing his true colors. He needed to depend on someone, after all. He had it made. Someone older. Established. Yeah, so that's how it worked. You had to find someone who could give you a good life. Of course, Jack didn't know anyone like that. Didn't plan on making an effort like that.

But now, things had changed, and who did this Nick think he was? Seriously?

Jack wanted to find out.


meg said...

Jack seems stubborn.

Benazir, 16 said...

Interesting. This is all getting pretty... tense! I'm enjoying it, so keep it up! :D

natalie said...

It's good to get to hear more from Jack! ...and he has pretty eyes :D

Holly said...

I do wonder if he'll change.