Friday, April 30, 2010

last chance

They weren't exactly the cast from Glee. They just had a piano to keep time with for the most part. But they were ready. They a good a shot as any to win this thing, but they didn't have too.

"Just have fun, OK." Heath told the middle schoolers. Who knows, he thought, any of them might be on broadway some day if they tried hard enough. But they were only middle schoolers. "You've done amazing work, already. You have the harmonies down. You there for each other, and thats the most important thing in this. But just have fun. Remember, this is fun."

He got a few sighs.

"Smile. I want smiles." So that was his last pep talk. To smile. How simple was that?

He was smiling. Because he'd see Nick soon. He just hoped this was done by three, and he'd drive himself to the hotel in St. Joe's so he could meet up with Nick. But as he looked over his shoulder he saw Father Keegan.

Heath thought he might jump out of his skin or atleast say 'holy shit.'

"What are you doing here, Father?" Heath felt as if he might pass out.

"I hear you want out." He just said so calmly that Heath thought his ears might be going. Did he hear him correctly? How did he know?

"Well, I have a bit of a family crisis and, well, you know, it might be best if I could-" Heath was choking for words.

"I know a few openings where you are thinking to move too." Father Keegan sighed. "Maybe I could help, you and your family."

Heath just nodded. He was expecting for Father Keegan to be mad at him. He looked at the stage then. The kids were doing the number Heath had planned for them. It wasn't on Father Keegan's greatest hits list. It was a song from Fun Boy 3.


meg said...

haha..funny about his reaction to the priest.

natalie said...

Oh I bet they're just as good as those on Glee, maybe :) Father Keegan's reaction is definitely sorta unexpected!

cass and cady said...

wow, I think Father Keegan just wants to help.

Holly said...

Cool about Father Keegan.