Wednesday, April 28, 2010

keeping secrets

Nick heard from Kelsey.

"Why are you keeping to yourself so much." He thought she would have called before now. "Everything, all right?"

"I have a life, you know." Just what he needed to hear while he was online wondering just what sort of book clubs they should have for the summer reading program. Should they have a movie club too, or just graphic novels, maybe the classics. He liked all three of the ideas, actually.

"Well, of course, you do. Heard from Rex, lately?" He asked.

"Why?" She sounded as if he'd asked the wrong question.

"I dunno. I never hear from him, either. Just hoping he got his act together. At least, he hasn't called me while he was drunk or anything." Nick thought it best to listen and not go on and on about this opportunity he had a the library. He was sure he sounded too much of himself as it was. With Heath meeting up with soon, finally, he felt more himself and not so into just talking about himself.

"I never hear from him."


"I don't care." But he knew by the sound of it that she did.

"Maybe I can see you after graduation. We could, you know, go out. Hopefully, Heath will be with me by then." He offered.

"That's OK, you don't have too." She told him.

"But I want too." Nick had to wonder if she were keeping something from him.


so jade said...

Gotta wonder whats up with Kelsey.

misty said...

Its nice he doesn't want to talk about his new job..too much.

new and lauren said...

Hope he finds out whats going on.

meg said...

I do wonder what this might mean. I hope he finds out.

izzy and dev said...

Definitely, Kelsey needs to talk to someone.