Saturday, April 24, 2010

just around the corner

"Yeah, he only has like 4 more weeks of school." Nick was telling his mother over the phone. He was taking pictures of the old house he'd found in Shenandoah that was for sale. "I hope you get these on your computer." It was very Victorian. It had such a cozy character to it. Nick was in love with the old house.

It was bare to the bones, practically. But the wooden floors had been taken care of and the kitchen was small and horrid mint green, but the diningroom was huge and he thought it was be grand to have dinner parties in. Except, he didn't know anyone. So, he doubted they needed a huge dinningroom.

"You should be sending these photos to Heath, not me." His mother told him.

"I am. But you know, you guys are gonna have to co-sign." His job was going fulltime by the end of May. He'd take a class or two online. It was official, he was the new Young Adult Librarian. Even got an interview in the newspaper.

"You two really have to decide on this together." She told him.

"But its so cheap." He laughed.

"There might be a reason for that, honey." His mom assured him.

Nick sighed. All he could think of was them, having a place of their own. A place they could call home.


lily said...

wow..things are so looking up for them.

meg said...

wow, how cool for Nick and Heath too.

so jade said...

He is so moving ahead.

Holly said...

I dunno, he better be careful.