Monday, April 12, 2010

dire straits

Heath thought he might have a heart attack. Right there in class. It was just a panic attack. But he felt so dizzy. And it was just strange.

"Are you all right, Mr. Mitchel?" A student was looking at him as if he were on  the inside of the fish bowel.

"Yeah, of course I am." He gritted a puzzled grin. "Do I look all right?" He sat down at his desk.

"Not so good Mr. Mitchell." She told him meekly as she went back to her seat.

Heath just nodded. "I am giving you fifteen minutes to look over your notes before the vocabulary test." He knew he was going easy on them. But really, he needed to get his head together. Let this panic attack pass.

He was rethinking what he'd said to Maria. Was he crazy? Could he go back and say he was delirious and carry on with her as if to give her what she wanted? NO. He wasn't capable of something like that. He just wanted to breathe.

Breathe. Breathe. He started to hyperventilate. Thankfully a student went to get the nurse and an aid took over his class so he could go to the nurse's office so he could breathe in a bag, the simplest of things.

"I know we're just under a lot of stress, Mr. Mitchell." She patted him on the back. Heath shook his head, would people stop calling him Mr. Mitchell. He didn't want to be called that. Right now. Of course, he wasn't sure exactly what he wanted to be called. He just shook his head.

"I know Father Keegan is so important to you. He cares about you a great deal. We understand that, Mr. Michell." The way she said it was strange.

Heath looked at her out of the corner of his eye. What was that suppose to mean? He couldn't ask. The breathing took a turn for a worse. Did it sound what he thought it meant? Did she believe something was going on with him and Father Keegan?

Heath winced.

"Maybe you should go home and rest." She then advised.

Heath nodded.

"I'm making you an appointment with the doctor right now."

Heath breathed into the bag once more. The next thing he knew. She told him that the local doctor could see him at three.

"You just go home have a rest and get to the doctor. OK." She got him up and ready to go. Of course, Heath wasn't so sure he was capable of driving home alone. Everyone here thought something was going on with him and Father Keegan.


Becca said...

Hey, You can delete this after you read it but I just wanted see if you have read all three books in the Rainbow Series by Alex Sanchez? I noticed you said Rainbow Boys as one of your favorite books and I just wanted to make sure that you knew about Rainbow High and Rainbow Road! :-)

the oaks said...

Dang, its just getting worse for him.

Becca said...

Thanks for the comment.
I very much agree. Nelson is AMAZING. He is not afraid to be himself, even if others do not like it.

Alex Sanchez is such a great writer. I'm currently looking for some of his other works :-)

meg said...

I wish he didn't feel this way.

Secretia said...

I thought all instructors in Catholic schools were nuns?

ellie said...

thanks for, the catholic school where my friend teaches..they aren't.

past the point said...

wow, poor heath.

fan fic said...

all these worries of Heath's.

misty said...

no time to go crazy

natalie said...

Uh oh, I guess maybe he's having second thoughts about telling Maria? I hope he's okay D: