Tuesday, March 30, 2010

under pressure

Heath thought for sure Nick was going to follow him all the way to Alliance. He made it all the way to Kearney and they stopped for dinner at a truck-stop.

Heath didn't want to chance them getting into a confrontation with some mean truckers.

"No romantic stuff." Heath practically kicked Nick away from him. Nick was wanting to sit next to Heath in the booth.

"All right." Nick winced as if he was a bit peeved with Heath.

"Sorry. I just don't want you jumped on the way back, or something." Heath shivered.

"What?" Nick squinted hard. "What sort of horror movie is going on in your head?"

"I'm sorry." Heath tried to concentrate on looking over the menu. "I- I worry about you, OK."

"Well, I worry about you too. Getting in a car wreck or something." Nick looked at him seriously.

Heath  just sighed. This was not the way he wanted to spend his last moment with Nick before he went back.

Heath asked for coffee then.

"Lets just get a room." Heath whispered to Nick then.

"Seriously, you would?" Nick smiled as if that was a fantastic idea, but then he tried not to look so excited. He shook it off before he got too giddy. He wanted coffee too.

"Why not." Heath nodded looking around. "Some sleep might do us both good."

He could see Nick was about to lose it. A laugh got stuck in his throat.

"How can anybody stand us? We're so damn silly." Heath's eyes lit as he kept a straight face.

"Just drink your coffee so we can go." Nick told him.

"But what about pie. We should at least have pie." Heath shrugged.

"I don't want pie." Nick immediately told him.

"I know that." Heath teased as he cleared his throat. He asked for the check then.

Soon enough they were out of the truck stop and wondering down the road to the nearest motel. Thankfully, there were plenty of rooms available. Of course, they didn't unload much in the dark room, but themselves. Nick fell on the bed immediately.

"You know, I feel so different now." Nick said with a sigh.

"Do you now? What do you mean?" Heath winced who crawled on top and looked down at him.

"I dunno. Just really fucking different." Nick grinned and he stole a kiss from Heath before he could crawl over him.

"You can not keep a secret." Heath told him as he lay there next to him.

"Why should I? Why do I have too?"  Nick wanted to know as he turned to Heath.

"I would feel really weird if they found out at the school. I mean, sure, it means nothing in this state what we did in Iowa, but you know how it would freak that old priest, out. He might have a heart attack."

"But aren't most priests gay." Nick grinned.

"Shut up." Heath laughed. "Believe me, I don't think Father's gay. He's too busy to think about anything, but that school."

"Well, why would he think of us, then, huh?" Nick was ready to get on with things. He pulled off his shirt then, tugged off Heath's shirt. Time was wasting. Time to shut up and make the most of this room. They kissed then, rolling into each other, knowing each other more than last time, and definitely not wanting to forget each other. Everything around them peeled away, and it felt like a melody meant to be thought of when the day started and ended.

"I'm really sick of motel rooms." Nick said afterwards when he was half asleep. "I want us to have a place we can call home, you know. And I'm really going to look for us a place in Iowa. I am."

"All right. I'll start applying at schools there. I will. Soon as I can." Heath had his arm around Nick. He sighed, thinking motel rooms were all they had at the moment. It was best to be thankful for them.


lily said...

I so like them together.

fashionfamous said...


¡♥Besitos monosos fashionistas♥!

meg said...

At this rate..maybe Heath won't go back..=D

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

Shockers imagine if Heath's dad found out.

natalie said...

Aww, they're so great together! :) they should definitely put off being apart again as long as possible, hehe...

Ivyoaks said...

I hate they have to spend all their time together just in motel rooms..they do need a home.

Holly said...

I gotta wonder how it'll be when they have to get back into their own routine of life.