Saturday, March 20, 2010

stay gold

Heath wasn't going to fall into any sort of misery, that they weren't going to be in Austin long enough. As it was, they could old hands. Kiss. Whatever they wanted. He loved this place.

"I wish we could find a place here." He pulled Nick along through the flea market. Yes, they were taking a rather thrifty approach. It was just an adventure in sunny Austin which was a far cry from the snow that met them the moment they came out of the chapel. True, it was a wet spring snow, but just the same, it was cold and a reminder that the brutal winter was still hanging on.

"You know where our chocies are?" Nick looked over at him.

"I know. Iowa is home." Honestly, he couldn't get there fast enough. Of course, he didn't see that happening until this summer.

"You got it." Nick smiled at him.

"God, I just hope they don't hate us there." Heath was suddenly somber. He remembered months  ago, about a bit of a riot across the river. Funny, how there was a huge gay ralley on the other side of the walk way bridge and so many gay couples were lined up to take the plunge across the state line. Everything, had simmered down. It seemed rather conventional now and calm.

"Just don't think about it, will you." Nick sighed and picked up some cheap sun glasses and pushed them on Heath's face. He bought a second pair for himself too. "Lets just think we're famous for a little while, at least." He grinned then.

It was so warm here, they had to wear shorts, at least.

"You could work on a tan." Nick then hinted.

"Yeah, well, I like my pastey self, you know." Heath teased. After all they were here to take in the music, or were they? They couldn't walk fast enough back to the hotel. Wasn't that what a honeymoon was about, anyway? Being together. Everywhere. And especially, back at the hotel room.


meg said...

They are adorable!

cait said...

sounds like a great time. I hope they enjoy it.

natalie said...

Hehehe, I really do like them together :D Their honeymoon sounds like it's going well so far!

simon n josh said...

I wish I were there..well..I love Austin. Great!