Saturday, March 6, 2010

the space in-between

Could the days ever get more draining? Heath wondered if he'd done everything he was suppose to get done. Yet again, another boring practice after school for show choir.  Somebody was calling it swing choir now.

Heath hated to ask why. They had to do all those silly old song that Father wanted done.

"Jesus!" Why couldn't Father just do the stupid thing and get it over with. Of course, he said this in a rage at his apartment alone, hoping no one heard his distress. He kicked his shelf in the livingroom that had taken him all weekend to put together and it fell apart, knocking books like a rock slide. If only Nick were here, the book shelf would not have fallen apart. He was good at those sort of things.

Heath looked at the mess. He didn't even care. He went to the fridge then an reached for his container of SpaghettiOs® to finish off for supper.

About that time, Nick was on the computer. They were hooked up so they go on Skype anytime, practically.

"So what are you doing, right now." Nick wanted to know.

"Relaxing." Heath lied, sitting down in front of his computer. "With a bowl of SpaghettiOs®." He was famished.

"Did you even heat that up?" Nick winced.

"No." He took a bite to savor as if he might as well have had a bowl of pudding only it was red.

"That can't be good for you." Nick informed.

"I think there are vitamins in the sauce or something." Heath nodded. "You want me to look on the back of the can?"

"No, its just you should be eating better." Nick told him.

"Sorry, I don't get my Mom's cooking like you do." Heath glared back.

"OK, I'm sorry I said anything, but I wish were there. I wish-"

"Yeah, that seems all we do lately." Heath sighed. Wishing. He hadn't meant to be angry but it was so hard to be cool and collected even 8 hours a day. He needed to vent.

"Well, someone wrote something on my car. And I went to the cops and well, must be the old boy network or something around here, because they blew me off." Nick informed him.

"What did they write?" Heath licked tomato sauce from his lips.

"You know, something gay." Nick shrugged.

"What?" Heath squinted.

"I even know who did it." Nick nodded.

"You do?Heath stared at him seriously. "Really, things like that don't happen around there. They don't."

"Normally, I'd say yes, but it seems Jack thinks I have a boyfriend, apparently." Nick just looked at Heath with a soured face.


"Yeah, Ravi was with me at that bar that serves pizza. Evidently, I'm with the wrong guy." Nick looked at Heath wide eyed.

Heath held his spoon as if it might be a microphone, but he didn't say anything.

"I had this strange conversation with Jack at the library. He actually talked to me, and then I go to the parking lot and find this message on my car." Nick told him.

"Don't..don't even talk to him." Heath advised.

"But its like he wants a fight, you know." Nick sighed.

"So that's why you aren't going to say anything to him. Nothing." Heath told him. "Look, Spring break will be here before you know it. We'll be in Austin. Don't waste your time on Jack. Please."

"I know. I understand. Its just freaky. I thought people stop doing this shit a long time ago." Nick sighed.

"Yeah, well, you're in the country now." Heath nodded. "But Jack is just trying to pull your chain, you know. Genuinely, people are nice there, and they don't care if you're gay or not. Really."

Heath wondered sometimes, who was the better cheerleader for the other. He had to stay positive about this. He knew he and Nick couldn't stay apart. They needed to be together.


the oaks said...

sounds like things are getting tense.

ivy's closet said...

I'm sure Heath is under a lot of pressure, but its sweet how Nick cares about what he eats.

natalie said...

Yeah, it is sweet how Nick is concerned about those types of things :) He should eat Chef Boyardee instead, I think they have a serving of vegetables or something haha. I hope they can be together soon.