Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a possible hookup

"Now, they want me to go to Europe," Heath said over the phone with Nick as he laid in bed bummed out at the thought of not seeing Nick this summer.

"Seriously?" Was all Nick had to say. "Well, I want to go."

"Oh, yeah, I can see that working out." Only in his dreams.

"How long would it be?"

"3 weeks." Heath sighed. He didn't feel like eating or doing anything. He hated this.

"Hmmmm..." Nick was being kind of odd.

"What?" Heath winced.

"Well, Ravi was telling me how Ellie and Lon are going to South by Southwest in Austin, and, and well, some music stuff would be going on there during your spring break. And I'm off then...AND..." Nick was getting hyper.

"Well, how-how can we do this?" Heath set up, excited about the idea of Austin and music. This would be amazing. He smiled as if this would be the best trip ever.

"We could stop in Iowa on the way back and get married." Nick laughed.

"Yeah, we should run away." Heath didn't know what to make of his joke.

"We should, granted there is like, this 3 day waiting period. But sounds like its not that big of deal, you know. And we could just move there. You know, why in the hell, are we in this state when we could live in a state that is OK if we get married." Nick was being serious now.

"Who have you been talking too?" Heath wanted to know. The thought of it sound perfect, but he wondered it there was a catch.

"People from Iowa I go to college with." Nick informed him.

Heath felt sad. Nick had actual people to talk to. He only had an old priest to confide in along with Maria and a bunch of middle schoolers who'd love to pull a prank any moment they could. He didn't want to make himself be full of envy over this.

"OK, lets talk about the trip more. It could be do-able. What if I met you in Kansas City?" Heath then smiled.

"I think I could do that like...NOW" Nick laughed.

Heath wanted to say, "SWEET." But he guessed he better not get too excited. Just his luck the old priest would pooh on this trip too.


natalie said...

If they really could go on that trip together that would be fantastic :D Let's hope that it all works out!

Holly said...

Hope this trip works out for them.

ivy's closet said...

I wonder if they'll through with the trip or something else???

the oaks said...

This sounds exciting!