Tuesday, March 16, 2010

our lips are sealed

"You know, I might get fired," Heath said as he laid there with Nick in the motel room they'd finally found in Council Bluffs. Tomorrow, they'd make it official.

"You need to sound more hopeful about that." Nick grinned.

Heath laughed then.

"I am so dead." He shook his head. "What are we thinking?"

"Our future." Nick took Heath's hand then. They both looked at each other as if this was it. Perhaps they were on the run from something or to something.

"Anybody in their right mind would be walking the streets in Austin right now listening to music, you know." Heath told him.

"We can still do that." Nick nodded, as if he had the confidence to get them through this alone.

"You think?" Heath winced.

"Why not?" Nick smiled. "It'll be our honeymoon."

Nick already had the paperwork. They'd filled it out. It was going to happen. This marriage.

"And then?" Heath looked at him seriously.

"I want to be with you." Nick nodded.

"But?" Heath didn't see that happening right away. They couldn't play everyday. There was so much more to this than just being together. Right here. Yet, Heath couldn't think of anyone else he could count on quite like Nick. He thought Nick was stronger than him, somehow. And he had to believe Nick's strength made him stronger, too.

"But..it'll look like I'm visiting. That's what it'll be." Nick explained.

"But you have classes. And your job. You can't forget that. You can't." Heath hugged himself then, rolling away. They were just laying there in the clothes they'd came in.

"What? You don't want to go through with it?" Nick winced, feeling hurt.

"Yes. I want to. I do. I-I do. But we'll have to wait until the school year's finished before- we can really be together, you know." Heath shook his head.

"I still want to visit. I'll find a way to be there with you. I have too." Nick told him. He touched Heath's shoulder, and Health rolled back into him. They kissed. It was definitely the time to make the most with each other.

Our lips are sealed


natalie said...

Yes, I can't wait until they get married :) Maybe they'll figure out a way that they can be together sooner...

meg said...

wow..good for them.

ivy's closet said...

I love this version of our lips are sealed...hope it goes OK for them.

Ivyoaks said...

I'm excited for them.