Sunday, March 28, 2010

on the horizon

What were friends for? Well, good ones, anyway. Or so Nick thought. After they had some time together, they headed out. Nick would go as far as Roger's where they used to live. It was on the way. Not too far off the beaten track.

Neither he nor Heath had seen Eric's infant son yet. It was the last thing they could do before Heath went back to Alliance.

"I can't believe you two." Eric just shook his head. Still in shock that they got married. "Sorry, I wasn't there. Seriously."

"We know you've been busy." Nick had to hold the baby. He'd never actually held one before. He felt a bit clumsy and yet it was amazing to feel the weight of the infant in his hands. It just made him smile. "He's so cute." Of course, he might would have said the same thing to a puppy.

"Here, you hold him, Heath." Nick bit a grin as if one could get drunk on this kind of happiness.

"I dunno." Heath hesitate.

"You know you wanna." Nick sounded silly, he knew, but he didn't care.

"OK, let me get ready first." Heath took a deep breath. He had to sit down as if he might stumble and fall with the baby.

Evan's little eye-lids were heavy with sleep. He made a sucking motion as if he felt safe in Nick's arms. He handed him over to Heath.

"He's so heavy.  What are you feeding this kid?" Heath smiled.

Eric looked at his girlfriend Syd as if it wasn't him. "Just the normal formula, right?" Eric nodded.

"Low-iron." Syd smiled. "He's almost sleeping through the night."

"Yeah, almost." Eric sighed as if he wasn't sleeping through the night.

"He's really beautiful." Heath told them as he touched Evan's soft baby cheeks. "You did good Eric. You really did."

Eric just smiled. Nick looked at the baby then back at Eric. It shocked him, how everything was moving on. Someone he went to high school with was now a Dad. It felt like a new adventure was just starting.


fan fic said...

I wonder if Nick will want a kid now.

meg said...

hahaha..I loved how Heath was around the baby.

Ivyoaks said...

aw, so sweet.