Friday, March 12, 2010


"All right, I have something in mind." Nick had Ravi and Olivia cornered. He'd found them back at Roger's alone. He had a mission planned. It was nice to be back with his old roommates and friends. "We're going to get Heath."

"Do you really need our help?" Ravi winced and looked at Olivia.

"Well, I need you as a decoy, Olivia." Nick looked her in the eye.

"Oh really?" She pursed her lips as if it might be something criminal they might do.

"See, if we bring Heath home." Nick nodded. "Sort of."

"What do you mean, sort of?" Ravi questioned. They were in the midst of making sugar cookies in the kitchen. "Won't you lose your job or something? He could. I dunno whats going on."

"A road trip. See if you can get off. Call in sick, or something." Nick told Ravi. "And you, just say you have to go to your Aunt's or something. I need you two for this trip." He knew he couldn't do this everytime, but Springbreak was here.

Olivia shrugged as if it wouldn't be a problem.

"Come on, it'll be fun." Nick smiled as he shook Ravi's shoulders.

"OK, just what kind of decoy is Olivia, again?" Ravi winced.

"Well, Heath showed somebody Olivia's picture at school. I guess. And well, I think they are expecting her." Nick was serious. Ravi smiled at Olivia who crossed her arms and shrugged.

"And what am I?" Ravi looked at him, blankly.

"My boyfriend, I guess." Nick slightly smirked.

"You're boyfriend?" Ravi winced. He looked at Olivia who gave him a nudge that he'd do it.

"Its not that big of a deal. Its not. Its not like we're going to do anything. We're just going with Olivia so she won't be alone." Nick sighed.

Olivia sighed with a laugh. Ravi just shook his head as if Nick must be crazy.


natalie said...

Let's hope this plan works :D

meg said...

This'll be intersting.

Cait said...

Hope this works the way he wants.