Monday, March 8, 2010

March madness

"I hate March." Amber just got off the phone with Kyle. "Bad things happen in March."

"What happened?" Nick was in the kitchen grabbing a juice before he left for classes.

"Amanda had to have a c-section." Amber told him.

"But everything is all right?" Nick didn't think that was bad news.

"I know. I dunno, why I said that. Really. I mean, the snow will melt soon. Green grass." Amber was being happy now.

"So whats wrong?" Nick winced.

"I had a dream." She nodded.

"A dream?" Nick laughed, thinking what did that mean.

"Yeah, Amanda was in it. She did something and Kyle broke up with me. I just have this feeling it could happen and I hate those kind of feelings because they usually come true." Amber winced.

"Well, it was just a dream. Don't dwell on it. He seems really happy with you." Nick told her.

"Yeah, I think so. But he has a daughter with Amanda. And I know she married some other guy. But still, its not that I think he's in love with her. Its the thought that he blames himself." Amber shrugged.

"Blames himself?" Nick couldn't think what Kyle might blame himself for. "He's practically a full time Dad. Amanda never sees Rosie."

"Yeah, I know. I just wasn't sure I know what he blames himself for." Amber tried to smile then. "I hope nothing bad happens this month. This was the month we found out that Heath moved in with that guy who paid for a good bit of his college education. That was the month my Dad pretty much cut Heath off from the family, too. I don't want a March like that again." She poured milk on her cornflakes then.

Nick would do his best to make this a good March for Heath if he could.


natalie said...

Lets hope that a dream is just a dream and nothing bad will really come from it! And hopefully March won't turn out as bad as she initially thought.

Benazir, 16 said...

I really love this. Sorry for the lack of comments :(
I do read them, and I love them! Keep it up!

Ivyoaks said...

Oh, I hope March won't be that bad.

ellie said...

Thanks guys. =D

Aury said...

Great description! I'm really excited to know what happens next.

cait said...

I hope March won't be so bad.

Sydney said...

sorry, sorry, sorry i haven't been commenting!

i just now caught up with everything (getting back into the blog world...)

i'm really liking this though!