Friday, March 26, 2010

just one last thing

"What are you doing?" Heath looked at Nick who was under the hood of his truck. They were back at Heath's parents and Heath was packing up. If he hurried he could make it to Mass before he headed back.

"An oil change. You need none." Nick winced as he was busy getting it taken care of.

"I do." Heath looked at him puzzled.

"I want the vehicle to get you out there, don't you?" Nick looked at him.

"Well, its just fine." Heath shrugged.

"You need to keep your car up to speed, you know, so it'll run properly." Nick explained.

"So now you're a mechanic?" Heath crossed his arms.

"Kind of." Nick shrugged. "Look, I can do this. I promise. I won't mess anything up."

"But what about Mass." Heath looked at him.

"What about it?" Nick tinkered under the hood. "Why can't you just lie and say you went."

"Because they'll know. I can't lie to them." Heath squinted.

"But you are. You will completely lie about everything. Especially, about us." Nick slammed the hood down then.

"Can we not talk about this. I'm depressed enough as it is. I don't want to go. But I have to. OK?" Heath did look sad.

"All right." Nick turned to him and almost reached for Heath's hand, but then he pushed his fingers in his jeans. "Just stay with me. All right. Don't go to Mass. We deserve a little more time together." Nick walked on. Heath's parents were already down at the church. Heath looked behind him and followed Nick into the house. Nick slightly grinned. He liked it when he got his way.


meg said...

This was an interesting conversation..and the idea of what Heath needed to be doing.

simon n josh said... they still have to be secretive.

natalie said...

Yessums, any more time together that they can get they definitely should take!

Holly said...

of course, they need more time together!