Monday, March 22, 2010

just a notion

Nick was giddy. It was as if everything was different now. His whole outlook on everything. It was a thrill. He felt like calling his brother and telling him the news. Yet, he didn't. He didn't want to be put down or whatever with Rex. It was best to leave him alone.

"But you should." Heath was laying there under the covers as if they could take a breather of some kind.

Nick shook his head, no and went in for another kiss. Things were just fine. No, need to upset the balance of things with one phone call. After all, it was three in the afternoon.

"Why not?" Heath must have been drunk on love or something or he wouldn't have said that about Rex.

"Why?" Nick laughed as he rolled into Heath. "You know, he's asshole for starters."

"OK." Heath seemed satisfying with what they were doing. He kissed him back. "But he is family."

"Hardly." Nick sighed. He felt much better being close to Heath and resting his head on his shoulder than the thought of family.

"I'm just saying, he might need us one day." Heath pushed his fingers through Nick's hair.

"We will never need him for anything."

"Of course, not." Heath sighed.

"You do believe me, don't you?" Nick looked up to Heath then.

"Of course, but, you know...I dunno." Heath winced then. "I'm just trying to do the right thing, that's all."

"There is no right thing when it comes to Rex." Nick felt down at the thought of him needing them for anything.

"Well, I'm sure there are lot of people out there thinking we aren't right, either." Heath just smiled and wrapped himself up in Nick as if it didn't really matter what anyone thought.


the oaks said...

Its good to leave Rex out of it. He's got a mind of his own. And well, we might all have a relative like that.

meg said...

definitely, not the time to think about Rex.

natalie said...

Yeah, I don't think Rex getting involved right now would exactly be the best thing to do :P