Wednesday, March 10, 2010

how its done

"You may have to go behind his back." Maria said as quietly as she could to Heath in the auditorium after school. Heath had shown her the number they'd been working on along with all the others that was on Father's list.

"Really?" Heath smiled. She liked it. She did. He could tell from that look on her face that she liked the arrangement of the song and the harmony as well as the little dance-step. Heath just sighed as he fell back in the hard chair in the auditorium. "What if I lose my job over this?" He looked at her then.

"Well, I have a feeling somebody else will think its perfect and want you at their school. If that's the case." She told him.

"Wow," Heath sighed. "Its that good?" She was feeding his ego. He was so happy. He hadn't been this happy in a long time.

"But make sure you guys just show him what he wants to see first." She reminded him. "Then when you go to the contest, you do your stuff."

"Its just they've been working on his songs forever and this, well, a couple of weeks." Heath shook his head.

"And it shows." She nodded.

"Really?" That sounded bad to him.

"No, with the old stuff, they are so bored with it. But this, they like it too. They do. Its a fun a song." She smiled.

"Yeah, its a fun song." Heath sighed. He had to keep thinking that.

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natalie said...

Let's hope that all of their work on the song ends up paying off in the end after all!