Thursday, March 4, 2010

an appearance

Nick now had something to smile about. He couldn't wait to see Heath. Of course, the more he thought about it, the more he wished they could be together. They should be together. Why was it so complicated? Sure Heath wanted the experience of teaching so he could get a job in public schools. He understood it was a small sacrifice to make just to get the experience. But he might make more money subbing at a public school. All they'd have to do was move across the river. Get married. Stay there. Live there.

What was so wrong with Iowa? He began to think. Sure there were all those signs in Nebraska saying "Welcome to the Good Life" when you crossed the bridge back into Nebraska from Iowa. Well, what was so good about it? His Dad bitched about the taxes going up all the time. City taxes. State Taxes. Gas Taxes. Entertainment Taxes.

Iowa had legal gambling. Now gays could be married there and be acknowledge the same as straight marriages. It was just if they came back to Nebraska it wouldn't be legal. So Nick found himself looking at places to move to in Iowa on the Internet.

"What are thinking about doing?" It was the first time Jack had ever asked him a question. It startled Nick at the circulation desk. But there was nothing else to do.

"Oh, you know, just seeing how expensive it is to move to Iowa." Nick shrugged.

"Why on earth would you move there?" Jack gave him an impish grin that Nick wasn't sure how to respond too.

"I have some relatives there." He lied.

"Where?" Jack acted as if he might know them.

"Between Shenandoah and Glenwood." Nick said two places that were kind of close by.

"So you'd commute?" Jack leaned on the counter, sneaking a look on the computer screen.

Nick gave him a strange look wondering if the guy thought he was looking at porn or something. He was only looking at houses. Actually, houses were pretty cheap in the small towns. He noticed. But what would you do in a small town?

"Maybe." Nick shrugged. But he had this marriage thing on the brain. He seriously thought they should do it. He needed to be with Heath. Seriously, some rethinking of their life together was in order.

"I heard you were at the Red Rooster Lounge other night?" Jack smiled again.

"What?" Nick winced looking up at him then. He did not remember that being the name of the place.

"Its a very private club, you know." Jack just nodded.

"Really?" Nicke glared at him. "Are you a member?"

"I really don't talk about it." He looked away smartly then as if he might be flirting.

"Well, how come people are talking about me?"

"They were all wondering if that foreigner was your boyfriend." Jack shrugged.

"Huh?" Nick slightly smiled, thinking that was interesting. Ravi being his boyfriend. "Well, think what ever you want." Nick wasn't going to worry about it. And he didn't until he got to his car after work and saw that some one had written in white on his windshield FUCKING FAG.


the oaks said... could he?

Holly said...

what a low blow. Jack seems to be a bit of a schemer or something.

natalie said...

Ugh, why must people be so stupid and intolerant? :P And I guess we'll see if Iowa ends up being their intended destination after all!