Wednesday, February 24, 2010

stopping and staring

It was a stare down with Kelsey.

Nick didn't want to back down. Neither, did she. No words were spoken for the longest time. And then it hit Nick that he didn't want to be the immature one about this. So he didn't say a word to her about outing him to his mother or about her break up with Kyle. He got down to what bothered him the most at the moment.

"What are you doing with my brother?"

"Nothing." She squinted as if he had no right to even ask. Maybe he didn't. He supposed he should just let her learn on her own how Rex really was. He was not the guy to get mixed up in.

"He seems to think there is something." Nick told her.

"He talked about me?" She sounded as if he'd taken a knife and stabbed her in the heart.


She looked away as if she didn't hear him. It was hard to say if she was mad or just sad. Possibly sad.

"What did he say?" She winced.

"He talked about seeing you." He didn't really want to give her the specifics.

"Oh, well-" She wouldn't look him in the eye, or it was nothing. It was nothing to her. Perhaps.

"Kelsey, if you know whats good for you, you'll stay away from Rex. He's, well, just Rex and he only thinks of himself and no one else. So if you know what's good for you, stay away from him. Don't be taken by that crap he tells you. He's just saying it-" Nick had never talked so much about his brother in so long. He had to keep himself from saying how much he couldn't stand him. How he hated him. He only got along with him because of his parents. To Nick, it seemed everyone was trying with Rex, and as smooth of an operator he could be some times...Nick could see right through it. Rex was a manipulator. He always would be, to Nick.


blue hearts said...

I'm glad that he told her how Rex was.

natalie said...

I know Nick's just trying to help, so hopefully she takes his warning seriously and is careful :/

Holly said...

She's been warned.