Saturday, February 20, 2010

no way

Heath felt so out of it after discussing Jack with Nick. It was hard to react normally to anything.

Mostly, he was mad at himself. Why had he done something so stupid? Perhaps he was just warped. That's all it was to it. Maybe that's just what he'd expected in a small town. Someone who couldn't even express their own feelings without some anger issues.

He knew he didn't want anyone else going through something like that. Yet it was a surprise, just the same to be that close to someone who could be hot and cold in one moment. Or was that cold and then hot?

He wished he wouldn't think about it.

Heath looked at the faces of all the kids in his classroom, wondering if any of them would face someone like that or had.

Naturally, they all questioned him about how his Valentines day was.

"Really, quiet." He smiled. "I talked to my girlfriend." It wasn't a total lie. He guessed he could say that about Nick. Although, he knew Nick wouldn't like that. They were pretty much mutual when it came to boyfriend and boyfriend. But this was not the time or place to talk about that. He knew. "But I do that every night." He smiled. "Talk." He had to to think a minute. "To her. Uh, we talk a lot, when we can."

"Do you go to sleep when you're on the phone?" Some girl asked with braces.

"Do you go to sleep when you talk to your boyfriend on the phone?" Heath smiled then.

"NO." She looked around as if the class might start something.

Heath didn't answer her question. They had to get back to history. No way could they ever talk like this in Religion.

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Cait said...

oh, I think he's on track..with a lot of things in his life.