Tuesday, February 2, 2010

my oh my

Nick was going through withdrawl. He hadn't slept well since Heath left. Funny, he had the whole bed to himself now, and he just couldn't rest. But he went through the motions. Got to classes on time, just to find a fresh blanket of snow for him when he came out to get in his car to go home. He was full of sneezes once he got the pick-up truck cleared off and headed back slowly to his job at the library.

Just as he got back into town, his cell rang. It was his step- brother.

"Are you cold up there?" His brother's silly voice irritated him. At least Nick was in the parking lot when he took the call. Nick just yawned.

"What do you want?" He said so sleepily.

"I never hear from you anymore, bro." Rex was his rotten self.

"Technically, we're not real brothers, Rex."

"Yes, we are." Rex said so oddly. "You heard from that girlfriend of yours?"

"What girlfriend?" Nick winced. He hated it when he talked about Heath that way. "I don't have a girlfriend. What are you talking about?"

"You know. You know her name," He rambled so slowly. "What's her name? What's that fuck'n girl's name? Shit. I should know. You know, cause, I know her, pretty damn well." He laughed then all silly.

"What? What are you trying to tell me, Rex?" Nick scowled wishing he knew what this was about. "Are you drunk? Are you on something?" It was the middle of the afternoon.

Rex just laughed in the phone.

"Man, she's a virgin, you know." Rex laughed more.

"Kelsey?" Nick fond himself yelling right in front of the library into his phone.

"Well, she ain't no more." Rex kept laughing as if he were high, or something.

Nick hung up in disgust. When did that happen, he thought.


natalie said...

Oh Nick :/ He needs his Heath fix! And Rex certainly doesn't seem like much of a help, he sounds terrible :P

cait said...

Rex sounds in a bad way, for sure.

fan fic said...

I wonder if he'll call Kelsey.