Monday, February 8, 2010


"If you should call anyone, you should call Kelsey." Heath informed Nick over his cell when he got home and was waiting for his tomato soup to heat up on the stove.

"What? No! That would just be-"

"Awkward, yeah, but you'd know if she was all right. Who knows, maybe your brother got high in the middle of the afternoon and decided to make prank phone calls instead of getting behind a wheel."

"I suppose." Nick sighed. "Just what I need, right now."

"You have it easy." Heath poured his warm soup in a his only bowl. He ate everything from cereal in the morning to soup at night in that thing. He was beginning to think he was pretty boring, as show choir had put it.  They'd been sort of nice about it. He supposed. But as Father had told him. "Don't let those brats undermind you." Between a rock and a hard spot. Was that what this was? "Look, just talk to Kyle. Maybe he knows what is going on with Kelsey and your brother."

"Kyle is going steady with your sister." Nick informed him. "Gave her his senior ring. She wears it proudly around her neck."

Heath just smiled. He didn't know people did that anymore.


Anonymous said...

Its good they can talk like this at night.

cait said...

I like Heath's Nick has it easy and he doesn't.

Holly said...

Just call her her.

Claire said...

I love your bloooooooooooooooooooog!!


the oaks said...

aw, I liked this one.

Holly said...

you changed