Wednesday, February 10, 2010

going in circles

Nick wasn't going to call Kelsey. Actually, he was going to leave this alone. Rex was probably high just like Heath said, and he wouldn't remember their conversation, anyway. There. Done deal. Whatever. He did not need to know. No he didn't. He had school. He had a job. And Heath. That was enough. Plenty to get him through the day and of course, helping out with the chores around the farm.

And there was Jack.

He woke up to the fact that Jack was his only patron. Took him most of the week to figure that out. He had forgotten that was his boss's son. Maybe he'd changed his hair or something. But he was quiet, actually. His father made him come in. That was it. So he'd have someone to check out books too. Not make the day so lonely.

So, Nick asked Amber if she could get some of her friends at school to come in. Browse around, if nothing else.

"It smells in there." Amber told him. "Like really old cigars or something."

"Really?" He doubted Amber would even know what an old cigar smelled like. "Well, come in. Maybe you and your friends could write up something about what the library needed. We could get a grant or something. Maybe that's what we need. You know to order books you'd like to read." The library didn't have DVDs. No graphic novels. Just old dusty history books. Not even a James Patterson novel? How awful was that? Most of it was old historical books that couldn't even be checked out.

"Well, I feel like Jack is the only patron in that library." Nick finally said.

"Jack?" Amber looked at him odd.

"What?" Nick winced as he was getting ready for a new day even though it was so humdrum and possibly sad. Yes, maybe he would go see his parents.

"You better not let him know you're gay." Amber gave him a dead stare. "He beats people up that are gay."

Nick wasn't sure just how serious she was about that accusation.

"Just be careful around him." Amber sighed. "He was mean to Heath when he was in high school. I just can't see him changing."

"Well, I'll keep that in mind." As it was, they really didn't talk.


Holly said...

Jack sounds like bad news.

another skin said...

I knew he'd be bad.

Ivyoaks said...

Jack sounds like trouble for sure.

fan fic said...

luv the new header so much.

Alyssa said...

hey love. I am back...well sort of.
check out my latest blog post to see.

blue hearts said...

Kind of strange about Jack. I hope he won't do anything to Nick.