Friday, February 12, 2010

don't say no

Valentine's day was quickly approaching. And Heath wished he could just book a trip somewhere warm to be with Nick, but that didn't look like that would happen. Not this Valentines day. As it was, he had several students hinting that he should give Miss. Sanchez something special for Valentines day. It was as if they had a romance in full bloom, already about them.

"How many roses are you going to buy her this year?" Molly, one his history students asked.

"Uh, hmm." He knew it was a fund raiser, but still you could only buy so much on a teacher's salery. It was moments like this that he really wished he'd taken off to New York City like he'd planned all along when he first thought of leaving Andrew. Therefore, he could avoid days like this. "Three." He finally decided. "I'm sure she'll get a dozen. Don't want to send her too many flowers."

"You should send her a dozen!" Somebody shouted in class.

"No! Three dozens." Some other kids had to get in on this shouting match too.

"God's watching you." Which he knew was lame to say, but they had to remember where they were. "Now I know you are excited about Valentines day, and the roses, but we have studying to do. And I'm sure Miss Sanchez will get plenty of roses. She'll probably be giving them away. She's seeing a professor, you know, and..and I'm thinking of asking him to come and talk to us about..about history." He was a history professor, after all. That had everyone shut up for a few minutes.

Then someone raised their hand.

"Do you know this professor?"

"I've heard her speak of him." Heath gave a faint smile.

"I still think you have a chance with her." One girl reminded him.

"I don't think so." He choked. He had to get them back on track. He felt as if he was in a glass box for all the world to see. How would he ever get out of this fix?


Cait said...

Heath and his problems at work.

the oaks said...

such school drama.

fan fic said...

caught between a rock and hard place. I guess.

natalie said...

Well, I hope Nick & Heath can end up together on Valentine's Day some way or another!