Sunday, February 21, 2010

the cycle of things

Nick went home. And Rex was a no show.

"What's up with him?" Nick wanted to know. Of course, his parents had no idea what he was talking about. He couldn't bring up the phone call.

"We hardly ever hear from him," his mom told him over dinner. They were really into the whole grain diet now so Nick wasn't sure what he was eating. The meals were so different now. When it was the four of them, they ate  lots of pasta, meat and bread. It was just the two of them with lots of salads and vegetables. His Mom and Dad seemed to be enjoying being a couple. Nick didn't want to bring up troubles for Rex.

"I guess he's doing OK. He's in his last semester, you know." His Dad mentioned.

Nick just nodded. His brother's last semester. He supposed since Rex couldn't do this his senior year of high school, he would evidently do all the wild stuff his Senior year in college. Or maybe the last four years were like that, but he'd hidden it so well until now.

"So what's he majoring in?" Nick winced. He hadn't kept track.

"He's an accountant, honey." His Mom was all smiles.

"Huh." That sounded like pressure, already. Was that what all the girls were, taking his mind off, numbers? Nick just sighed. He knew he'd never be bringing in a salary like his brother, but then he wanted to do something that made him happy.

The next day he went to the library to talk with the director to ask him how he could go about writing to different places for grants for the library where Nick worked. The director gladly gave him a list. And even if the director didn't come out and say it, he didn't really like Nick's boss. "He's more old school than I am." Nick just smiled and shook his hand. This library stuff might be harder than he expected.

On his way out to his truck, he saw that Kelsey had driven up in the parking lot. Just the person Nick didn't want to see.


newt and lauren said...

just when I thought he wasn't going to see her..and then...

the oaks said...

I really think Nick is a good brother.

Holly said...

nick's got a lot on his mind.