Friday, February 26, 2010

can you handle one more thing to juggle

Perhaps breakfast hadn't been quite as fitting as Heath imagined. Well, somehow, he'd figured out how to keep the hash browns from sticking. Yes, potatoes were his downfall. And well, he had plenty of time these days to figure out how to make them from scratch. They couldn't be all that bad for one. Now could they?

Yes, the butter had to be so hot. The raw potato shredded so. A good way to take his frustration out on things. And then weeks of figuring out to let the butter absorb in, turning it into a pattie quickly so they wouldn't stick, as if to par cook them first. Then a nice brown crust prevailed. And there you had, a mighty fine breakfast with two over easy eggs on top.

That was a good way to start the morning. Well, it had been a good start of the morning until Heath got called in to Father's office on his morning break.

"What have I done this time, Father?" Heath wondered if he'd spoken out of turn just saying that. God forbid if he didn't respect the old man, enough.

"Why would you bring that up?" The white haired man just smiled as he looked at Heath.

"Dunno, but apparently, it-"

"You're fine. Everything is a blessing ,you touch, lately. I'm glad you made the time to help out with the basketball tournament last week. You've been helping with the chocolate sale for Easter. You should take a load off this summer."

"This summer?" Heath winced. Already, speaking of summer. They weren't even in spring yet.

"Yes, how would you like to take a group to Rome? Then on the way home, there would be France even England." It was as if the old priest owned him.

"Really?" It frightened him senseless. A group of middle schoolers? It would have been quite exciting to think of a trip with Nick. Closer to home. Colorado. Well, a trip to Europe would be an ultimate honeymoon of sorts. Heath rolled it over in his head, cycling across Europe with Nick. "Me?"

"Yes, it would be a wonderful opportunity." Father was all grins.

Heath plastered a grin too. What was God trying to do to him?


Holly said...

wow, his whole life is set up before him..I guess.

natalie said...

Holy cow, a trip through Europe! That does seem like it would be a good opportunity, but it is what Heath really wants? :/