Saturday, February 6, 2010

always something

Nick felt a little unsettled at the library. As it was, it was awful quiet. Almost too quiet. He'd seen one patron in the last three hours.

"Is it always like this?" He asked, not wanting to think about his strange sibling who had just told him he'd been with his ex-girlfriend. He felt as if he were in another world now. So silent. He couldn't wait to get out of there.

"You can study if you want." His boss told him.

Nick just nodded. No needed to talk about it. They were at the library. His head was full of other things. He wanted to call Heath. Maybe Kyle. Finally on his break he got out his cell and decided to call home.

"So how's Rex been?" He asked right away.

"Well, he's not home as often as we like, just like we'd love to see you more." He didn't want to get into that with his mother, who made him feel a tad guilty, but she was hinting he could come home this weekend.

"I dunno."

"Rex might be home." Her voice sounded so happy that they'd be all together like a holiday.

"Oh." That's all he needed to know. Really, he hated to see Rex again, but he might have too.


Emily said...

so intriguing! i can't wait to read more


Holly said...

Oh, boy, I think he should talk to Kelsey.

natalie said...

He might have to indeed... Whatever it takes, I suppose :P