Thursday, January 28, 2010

would it be so bad

Finally, Nick was happy. He was thinking forward. Not backward. The past was the past and there was the future.

"I think we should take a trip to Denver come spring." Nick suggested the next morning when he wasn't quite ready to get out of bed with Heath. "You know, you said there's a train that you can catch and weekend trips and all."

"Yeah, yeah, I'd love too." Heath sighed.

"God, I'd love to go somewhere, where, you know, no one knows us." Nick looked at Heath, thinking, he wanted that old priest to know about them. He did. He wished he could send him a snapshot of himself and Heath in bed. He couldn't help smiling about that.

"What?" Heath looked at him as if he was scheming something in his head.

"Nothing." Nick tried to let his smile fade. "Just thinking of Denver, that's all." He kissed him then as if they hadn't had quite enough yet, being here with each other. They had a lot of making up to do. That's all there was to it. He didn't want to leave until their time was up. They had a few hours left.

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natalie said...

Aww, that was a sweet moment. I hope they do get to go on that trip together!