Monday, January 4, 2010


Nick was a little nervous about going into the old library. It was more of a museum than anything. He guessed, wondering just where the new books were. It was so quiet and quaint too. Nothing like at the library in his hometown which was a mecca for Internet users. Also there was free Wi-fi there too. Here, it was just kind of ancient, he supposed.

He had to wonder if there was even anyone there. He just couldn't imagine a library not having more patrons. It was the middle of the day.

Finally, and older gentleman came to the front desk, asking Nick if he needed any help.

"I was sort of wondering, if-if, uh, what sort of volunteer program was available." Nick found himself more nervous than he should be.

"Do you need volunteer work, is this about community service?" The man looked him over.

"No, no, uh, I'm hoping to be a librarian one day. Um, I used to shelve at a library, and I just moved here. I'm going to be going to school not so far from here and I well, I miss the library." Nick was timid.

"Oh, that's really nice. You've had library experience, have you?"

Nick nodded. "I could give you references."

"All right, you do that." He handed Nick a slip of paper for him to write down phone numbers and addresses on. It wasn't an application. Just a scrap piece of paper.

"And would you be available?" The man asked as if this was an impromptu interview.

"Afternoons mostly. Even nights or weekends." Nick told him.

"Oh, we're not open at night, and we don't do weekends." The old man smiled.

"Seriously?" That was unheard of back at the library where he'd worked.

"Do you want to be a clerk here?" The man smiled.

Nick smiled to. That was the last thing he was expecting.


the oaks said...

definitely unexpected.

cass and cady said...

wow. that would be cool.

past the point said...

hmmm..wonder what's next.